At the beginning of this year, Agiloak LLC agreed to become the USA distributor for BenignEye – An Intelligent home monitoring system.

BenignEye is a system which allows elderly, vulnerable people living alone to stay independent for much longer in support of the Aging in Place movement. It is an unobtrusive, simple to use system which monitors daily activities through home automation sensors. It then uses machine learning to find anomalies in the behavior pattern of the elderly person, and report those anomalies to a family member or other carer.

So if Granny has not been up and about by 9am, when she is normally up at 7am, then you will get a notification. Or you can look at a chart of movements to see that Grandad was up several times in the night.

This provides Independence and Peace of Mind in a very cost-effective manner.

BenignEye is in numerous pilot sites in the UK at the moment and will go on general sale in a couple of months. Here in the USA we have one pilot site and are looking to commission up to 10 more to gain real-life experience before going to general availability.

Visit Benigneye.Agiloak.Com for more information