CAMS – the Central Alerts Management System


CAMS gives care professionals the patient alerts they need, when they need them.

Information flows from across your organization or network are analyzed against  patient flags and alert policies in CAMS to identify and raise alerts as appropriate.

Raising the alerts you need in a timely fashion allows informed interventions, reducing the risk of inappropriate care decisions and enabling improved patient outcomes and more cost effective care.

CAMS provides:

  • Central management of patient flags
  • Connected monitoring of information flows
  • Powerful alerting engine capable of identifying complex event scenarios

The Origins of CAMS

CAMS was developed in conjunction with a UK Hospital Trust (the Mid-Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust) during 2010, and refined and enhanced significantly over time. CAMS is now a mature and proven system with an ever expanding list of configured alerts.

Find Out More

To find out more about how CAMS can help you, please call Nick Jones on (319) 519 3643.