Central Alerts Management System (CAMS)


CAMS – Central Alerts Management System.

CAMS is a unique and innovative approach to managing patient flags and alerts within your organisation.

Many systems provide the capability to flag patients and even provide patient alerts within that system, but CAMS is the only system which lets you manage and co-ordinate those flags across all your trusts systems meaning that Patient Flags can be made visible wherever and whenever it is appropriate.

That’s just the start though. CAMS is a Complex Event Processor which tracks patient interactions with your organization and is ready to alert your staff whenever it’s required 24/7 – according to policies that you configure yourself. CAMS is amazingly flexible and can be used to answer any number of alerting and reporting uses.

CAMS Functionality

Developed in conjunction with the Mid-Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust in 2010, and refined and enhanced significantly over time, CAMS is now a mature and proven system providing:

  1. A Master Data Management (MDM) solution for your patient flags.
    • Patient Flags of all types can be collected on CAMS e.g. MRSA, Clinical Trials, Oncology, Special Needs, etc. You define the flags you needs and the access rules.
    • Patient Flags can be added to CAMS in many ways to suit your Trust operational needs, through:
      1.  The CAMS User Interface
      2. Batch file feeds
      3. HL7 feeds
      4. Web-Services (SetFlags interface)
      5. Intelligent Flagging (flags by be added by CAMS according to configured events)
    • Patient Flags can be broadcast to other Trust systems, if required, to ensure that key flags are visible to users where and when they need to be seen, through:
      1. HL7 broadcast
      2. Web-Services (GetFlags interface)
  2. A Patient Events Repository
    • CAMS listens to the HL7 ADT message stream coming out of your PAS or other systems (e.g. A&E) and tracks patient events (admissions, appointments, attendances etc.)
    • CAMS can be configured to listen to other event information as required (e.g. Outpatient Referrals, Waiting List).
  3. Highly configurable Alerts Engine
    • CAMS lets you set up real time or scheduled alert policies so that key staff can be notified 24/7 when significant events occur to flagged patients.
    • CAMS can alert on any combination of patient flags and patient event (or planned patient event)
    • Typical alerts scenarios are:
      1. Alert if my Oncology patients attend A&E or are subject to an unplanned admission.
      2. Alert if a patient on Clinical Trials attends A&E
      3. Alert if an MRSA+ patient attends A&E
      4. Alert on the A&E attendance or a child at risk
      5. Alert on missed appointments for a child at risk
      6. Reports on patient Special Needs in advance of outpatient appointments


CAMS is built around the Ensemble Integration Engine, which means that the platform is robust and proven – and your integration options are almost limitless.

By default CAMS receives event information in ITK format HL7. If your trust already uses ITK messaging this means that integration will be very straight-forward. If not, the integration capabilities of Ensemble ensure that we can transform almost any incoming message to meet the needs of CAMS.

CAMS uses the QuikTrace PMI as its patient database. QuikTrace is an enterprise Master Patient Index, with a SPINE Mini-Services capability – making CAMS easily adaptable to work in regional or shared deployment.