Java SPINE Auto-Trace – Simple, Cheap and Quick

Java SPINE Auto-Trace

  1. Simple to implement
    1. Very lightweight standalone Java component
    2. It takes a traditional HL7v2 demographic feed from the Trusts PAS
    3. It returns a traditional HL7v2 demographic update to the PAS
    4. Standard JDBC connection to any SQL database (For auditing only in basic version)
  2. Cheap to implement
    1. No licence fees for JSAT
    2. No dependency on third party infrastructure such as Ensemble
    3. No database licence
    4. Minimum server requirements
    5. No support costs or vendor tie-in
    6. Local customisations can be made in Java
  3. Quick to implement
    1. Component is simple to deploy
    2. Connection to an SMSP supplier can be as simple as filling in a Trust Operating Model
    3. Basic version (JSAT) has no UI and therefore no user training or access control overheads