JSAT is a simple open source implementation of an ITK Accredited SPINE Mini-Services Client, which can access National Demographics from PDS in real-time using a SMSP gateway service.

This enables you to have a much higher proportion of Verified NHS Numbers for your service users – in line with the NHS Operating Framework, Standard NHS Contracts, PBR and Clinical Safety Guidelines.

In it’s simplest form, JSAT is a black box component which integrates with your existing Demographic Broadcast traffic (conventional HL7v2), mediates the technical stuff with SPINE and returns a Demographic update to your PAS or TIE.

It’s like a set-top box for the SPINE.

JSAT is built for simplicity and has no User Interface. Email alerts can be sent for user defined conditions (such as Invalid NHS Number on SPINE) and the audit trail can be queried by administrators but as a result there is very little setup, administration and training.

If you want to be more hands on, then JSAT+ is for you. JSAT+ includes a User Interface to monitor the outcomes of SPINE lookups and to perform adhoc searches against PDS.

JSAT is based upon our QuikTrace product which is already an ITK Accredited Spine Mini-Service Client (SMSC Certificate) but removes the dependency on Third Party Infrastructure components. QuikTrace has been detecting local duplicate patient records for 3 years at Mid-Yorkshire Hospitals Trust.

See how JSAT can deliver you real-time PDS access Simply, Cheaply and Quickly.

We are currently seeking an NHS Sponser to help use to deliver JSAT into Open Source – see here for more details.