quiktraceQuikTrace is the intelligent patient tracing solution from Agiloak LLC.

QuikTrace is a lightweight implementation of Master Data Management techniques which can be integrated into your Hospital systems quickly and easily.
Running as a Data Quality monitor at the heart of your organization QuikTrace provides near real-time duplicate detection of all new registrations on your Master Patient Index and is an essential decision support tool for your Data Quality team.

QuikTrace uses name standardisation, phoneticisation and advanced algorithmic techniques to find and weight potential duplicate records.
The New Registrations Monitor provides a worklist of new registrations, using a traffic light system to help you identify most likely duplicate records.
The patient trace option provides an interactive tracing facility to identify duplicates using a range of parameters whilst the trace results screen shows the potential duplicate matches resulting from an automatic or ad hoc trace.

QuikTrace is a full Enterprise Master Patient Index (EMPI) with an intuitive user interface, capability to match against multiple data sources – ideal for viewing patient records across multiple organizations – and a batch trace capability to perform a full database scan on your MPI.