Agiloak is a specialist Health Informatics Solution Provider offering Architecture and Design, Integration and Bespoke Development services.

Architecture and Design

With many years’ experience in IT Architecture and Design – particularly in the HealthCare sector – we can provide a range of Architectural Services to meet your needs.

Architecture doesn’t have to be heavyweight though and we often recommend light touch approaches – some examples being:

  • A simple 1 day workshop to assess problem areas and recommend a Road Map forward.
  • We can be your “on-call” virtual architecture team. Most Trusts might not want or need a full time Architecture capability. We are there when you need our advice on key decisions.
  • We can advise on technical product acquisition and help you get the right result from your procurement exercise.
  • We can mediate integration requirements with suppliers – with your best interests at heart.

Essentially we can be as hands-on, or as hands-off as you need – from helping with a single interface development to Design Authority for a major PAS replacement project.

Bespoke Development

The Agiloak team are specialists in Agile development in complex environments such as Healthcare and Finance. We can build anything from lightweight integration components to large user systems. Our current specialities are in Java and Ensemble, but we have capability in most common – and some not so common – technologies.


Integration is becoming ever more important in HealthCare in the UK. With hands-on experience of National Systems, ITK and local systems we have the perfect blend of Architecture and Technical skills to make sure your systems integrate as effectively and cost-effectively as possible. Maximising your investment in existing systems infrastructure.