SPINE Mini-Services

SPINE Mini-Services

Building on the work at Mid-Yorks we are excited to say that we can now offer a range of ways that your Trust can benefit very quickly from real-time SPINE Tracing and Verification.

1 – SPINE AutoTrace

This is the entry level offering which you can implement into your existing Ensemble TIE almost overnight.

2 – SPINE AutoTrace PLUS

SPINE AutoTrace PLUS adds a New Registration Monitor enabling you to track the outcome of automated traces and a Mini-Services User Interface.

3 – SPINE QuikTrace

This is the full SPINE Mini-Service enabled version of QuikTrace as deployed at Mid-Yorks. In addition to SPINE AutoTrace PLUS, this provides local patient index duplicate detection using the advanced algorithmic capabilities of QuikTrace.

SPINE Trace Tools are available today only from Agiloak Limited. To find out more contact us today!

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